tag:modul8.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:/forums/48885-general/activity General on UserVoice 2016-09-11T12:45:24-07:00 tag:modul8.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/40101337 2016-09-11T12:45:24-07:00 2016-09-11T12:45:24-07:00 Købe ægte og falske pas, identitetskort, fødsel CERT, kørekort <p>Anonymous suggested:<br />Vi er fagfolk med mange års erfaring i produktion af pas og andre dokumenter, bedste kvalitet producenter af falske dokumenter sammen med mere end 5 millioner dokumenter i omløb i verden. 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[updated] <p>Add a timeline, like resolume.</p><p>Anonymous said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>Hello, I am user of modul8 for about 9 years. I am giving some Modul8 and Mad Mapper workshops and I would like to know what is the process for getting temporary licenses. Thank you very much</p></div></p> Anonymous tag:modul8.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/22643976 2015-04-24T10:19:07-07:00 2015-04-24T10:19:07-07:00 Auto save/save vault. So simple... [updated] <p>just a simple autosave feature, like any other software, and a save warning on quitting. I can&#39;t see why this is not in the modul8...</p><p>mia said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>agreed</p></div></p> mia tag:modul8.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/21402686 2015-03-15T16:25:30-07:00 2015-03-15T16:25:30-07:00 Modul 8 for Linux / Ubuntu??? <p>mmm suggested:<br />plan 4 Modul 8 for Ubuntu?</p> mmm tag:modul8.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/17597685 2014-03-22T03:49:34-07:00 2014-03-22T03:49:34-07:00 I lost my serial number... Anonymous tag:modul8.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/17069976 2014-01-29T18:57:20-08:00 2014-01-29T18:57:20-08:00 BEST : more layers, rotate master rotate xyz, transformer, filters, undo / redo, paint module [updated] <p>- Block individual layer settings - Use filters for molten - Add more layer in groups - You can use two or more transformations in the same layer. - Use single trace per layer. - Buttons command: undo / redo - More variables in Transformer: matrix / patch - Rotate master in x, y, z - More complete: paint module </p><p>Gönaz visuals said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>- add .obj / 3d</p></div></p> Gönaz visuals tag:modul8.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/17069912 2014-01-29T18:48:16-08:00 2014-01-29T18:48:16-08:00 BEST : more layers, rotate master rotate xyz, transformer, filters, undo / redo, paint module <p>Gönaz visuals suggested:<br />- Block individual layer settings - Use filters for molten - Add more layer in groups - You can use two or more transformations in the same layer. - Use single trace per layer. - Buttons command: undo / redo - More variables in Transformer: matrix / patch - Rotate master in x, y, z - More complete: paint module </p> Gönaz visuals tag:modul8.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/17065504 2014-01-29T11:16:44-08:00 2014-01-29T11:16:44-08:00 a Time Line !!! [updated] <p>Add a timeline, like resolume.</p><p>Tamas said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>Check out Vezér, maybe this is what you need: <a rel="nofollow noreferrer" href="http://www.modul8.us/2014/01/17/tutorial-how-to-connect-modul8-to-vezer-with-osc/">http://www.modul8.us/2014/01/17/tutorial-how-to-connect-modul8-to-vezer-with-osc/</a> :)</p></div></p> Tamas tag:modul8.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/16612247 2013-12-16T11:53:49-08:00 2013-12-16T11:53:49-08:00 undo / redo buttons <p>Dustin Klein suggested:<br />i would like undo and redo buttons for the whole software. Modul8 will still play like an instrument with an undo button ;)</p> Dustin Klein tag:modul8.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/15946285 2013-10-28T07:47:17-07:00 2013-10-28T07:47:17-07:00 a Time Line !!! [updated] <p>Add a timeline, like resolume.</p><p>Andy T. said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>The latest version of Gener8 (0.6) now includes a timeline module for recording and editing sequences. : )</p> <p>The modules are in beta so are not available in the modul8 user library yet, but you are welcome to check them by following links at my site: </p> <p><a rel="nofollow noreferrer" href="http://collectedconsciousness.wordpress.com">http://collectedconsciousness.wordpress.com</a></p></div></p> Andy T. tag:modul8.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/13294473 2013-01-31T13:13:47-08:00 2013-01-31T13:13:47-08:00 madmapper Processing controlP5 integration <p>Anonymous suggested:<br />Processing controlP5 integration in MadMapper</p> Anonymous tag:modul8.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/13053276 2013-01-17T19:15:29-08:00 2013-01-17T19:15:29-08:00 Display video on airplay on Apple TV without the mirror screen <p>Sergey suggested:<br />Display video on airplay on Apple TV without the mirror screen</p> Sergey tag:modul8.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/13044849 2013-01-17T04:10:24-08:00 2013-01-17T04:10:24-08:00 More Medias Please! [updated] <p> 144 clips is not enough. I want to change projects with a stanby clip playing </p><p>Werner Huber said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>you can use Gener8 launchpad</p></div></p> Werner Huber tag:modul8.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/13042587 2013-01-16T18:26:55-08:00 2013-01-16T18:26:55-08:00 More Medias Please! [updated] <p> 144 clips is not enough. I want to change projects with a stanby clip playing </p><p>vjosamu.com said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>We need more clips!!!</p></div></p> vjosamu.com tag:modul8.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/11632599 2012-07-03T01:26:33-07:00 2012-07-03T01:26:33-07:00 a Time Line !!! [updated] <p>Add a timeline, like resolume.</p><p>Anonymous said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p> <a rel="nofollow noreferrer" href="http://www.wholesalemaccosmetics4u.com/mac-lady-gaga-makeup-c-20.html">http://www.wholesalemaccosmetics4u.com/mac-lady-gaga-makeup-c-20.html</a> wholesale MAC makeup Lady GaGa <br /> <a rel="nofollow noreferrer" href="http://www.wholesalemaccosmetics4u.com/mac-lip-gloss-c-13.html">http://www.wholesalemaccosmetics4u.com/mac-lip-gloss-c-13.html</a> MAC Lip Gloss <br /> <a rel="nofollow noreferrer" href="http://www.wholesalemaccosmetics4u.com/mac-lip-gloss-c-13.html">http://www.wholesalemaccosmetics4u.com/mac-lip-gloss-c-13.html</a> wholesale mac lip gloss <br /> <a rel="nofollow noreferrer" href="http://www.wholesalemaccosmetics4u.com/mac-lipstick-c-14.html">http://www.wholesalemaccosmetics4u.com/mac-lipstick-c-14.html</a> MAC Lipstick <br /> <a rel="nofollow noreferrer" href="http://www.wholesalemaccosmetics4u.com/mac-lipstick-c-14.html">http://www.wholesalemaccosmetics4u.com/mac-lipstick-c-14.html</a> wholesale MAC Lipstick <br /> <a rel="nofollow noreferrer" href="http://www.wholesalemaccosmetics4u.com/mac-makeup-blush-collection-c-11.html">http://www.wholesalemaccosmetics4u.com/mac-makeup-blush-collection-c-11.html</a> MAC makeup Blush collection <br /> <a rel="nofollow noreferrer" href="http://www.wholesalemaccosmetics4u.com/mac-makeup-blush-collection-c-11.html">http://www.wholesalemaccosmetics4u.com/mac-makeup-blush-collection-c-11.html</a> wholesale MAC makeup Blush <br /> <a rel="nofollow noreferrer" href="http://www.wholesalemaccosmetics4u.com/mac-makeup-brush-sets-single-brush-c-17.html">http://www.wholesalemaccosmetics4u.com/mac-makeup-brush-sets-single-brush-c-17.html</a> MAC makeup Brush </p></div></p> Anonymous tag:modul8.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/11540281 2012-06-18T07:03:38-07:00 2012-06-18T07:03:38-07:00 More Medias Please! [updated] <p> 144 clips is not enough. I want to change projects with a stanby clip playing </p><p>Vj Morph said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>PLEEEEEEESE!</p></div></p> Vj Morph tag:modul8.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/11471619 2012-06-05T16:52:51-07:00 2012-06-05T16:52:51-07:00 Much Improved Module editor [updated] <p>The current editor is pretty basic and at times counter intuitive. It should be improved to follow more standardised GUI conventions. - MULTIPLE UNDO&#39;S - this can&#39;t be emphasised enough. At the moment if you press delete accidentally it can ruin an hours work. This also makes learning by trial and error a lot more difficult. - Grouping should be a permanent menu bar above the GUI layout. - Shift, ctrl+shift drag support for objects to keep shape. - standard file, edit (copy,cut,paste), view (zoom gui) menus. Loose the module list on the right. - Save as - support for image files as backgrounds of modules. - font control for GUI elements - not just the 2 at the moment. hmmm. Theres heaps more but for now I&#39;ll just go with that.</p><p>Andy T said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>1) Line Numbers! <br />2) Remembering the state of module editor windows on shut-down/start-up, just like the module positions (script output, editor, debug). <br />3) Show all objects button - it is possible to hide something and never get it back!</p></div></p> Andy T tag:modul8.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/11143940 2012-04-12T03:23:08-07:00 2012-04-12T03:23:08-07:00 Group modules with tabs to separate them <p>eyeborg suggested:<br />The option to group modules in one window, with tabs to separate them like you can with Photoshop panels. At the moment the modules disappear behind other windows and clutter my desktop. I use as few modules as possible for this reason, and it limits my work a fair bit.</p> eyeborg tag:modul8.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/10825396 2012-02-24T00:18:51-08:00 2012-02-24T00:18:51-08:00 Better font functionality [updated] <p>- Align left/center/right - Kerning - Leading</p><p>pele2010 said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>Yes, Text is very basic</p></div></p> pele2010 tag:modul8.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/10825386 2012-02-24T00:16:27-08:00 2012-02-24T00:16:27-08:00 Quartzcomposer - better integration [updated] <p>- Get access to QC parameters in M8 - Pipe video through QC filters</p><p>pele2010 said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>greate ! this would be excellent </p></div></p> pele2010 tag:modul8.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/10825379 2012-02-24T00:14:29-08:00 2012-02-24T00:14:29-08:00 Layer Trace pls <p>pele2010 suggested:<br />Wouldn´t it be great to have a &quot;layer trace&quot;? I know you can workaround with filters, but it´s not the same. So vote for layer trace, because then the magic happens on the layers and not on the complete composition. pele2010</p> pele2010 tag:modul8.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/10809547 2012-02-22T00:50:27-08:00 2012-02-22T00:50:27-08:00 Logical Render with the &quot;Paint Tool&quot; <p>pele2010 suggested:<br />It would be greate if the Paint Tool would have the ability to be recorded with the logical render. We could do a live show without material. Just with the &quot;Paint tool itself. I know that there are workarounds, but it would be great to do this with one software. </p> pele2010 tag:modul8.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/10809494 2012-02-22T00:31:56-08:00 2012-02-22T00:31:56-08:00 Logical Render with Audio <p>pele2010 suggested:<br />It would be great to get the audio through with which the session was recorded. (Maybe it´s only me , but after 2 days i cannot remember which track i used to drive the visuals) . Even if its just a link to the audio file to get a clue. But greate would be if the audio is embedded in the final video file. </p> pele2010 tag:modul8.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/10771050 2012-02-15T17:25:14-08:00 2012-02-15T17:25:14-08:00 Possibility to delete a layer with the keyboard (cmd + back arrow) Pixray tag:modul8.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/10771035 2012-02-15T17:20:11-08:00 2012-02-15T17:20:11-08:00 Drag an drop a media on a new layer from the media set <p>Pixray suggested:<br />It could be faster to add a new layer in one shot without clicking on the + and then clicking on the desired media</p> Pixray tag:modul8.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/10770976 2012-02-15T17:05:12-08:00 2012-02-15T17:05:12-08:00 Memory [updated] <p>Being 64 bit adapted, to have more memory loaded in M8 will increase a lot of things</p><p>Pixray said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>Is there a memory limit with the actual version ?</p></div></p> Pixray tag:modul8.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/10770948 2012-02-15T16:59:57-08:00 2012-02-15T16:59:57-08:00 A dialog box &quot;save project&quot; when quit <p>Pixray suggested:<br />This feature could prevent to lose your project ! Sometimes after working some long hours on a new project on Modul8 I forgot to save it.... </p> Pixray tag:modul8.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/10740823 2012-02-11T06:15:59-08:00 2012-02-11T06:15:59-08:00 Add transition effects, good ones. <p>Anonymous suggested:<br />Not cubes, wipes and other iMovie effects. But something more like resolumes static, displace, timeswitch etc. Complex transitions for animating clip switching.</p> Anonymous tag:modul8.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/10740806 2012-02-11T06:13:59-08:00 2012-02-11T06:13:59-08:00 Simplify the interface. Fewer, but better effects. Less clutter. Anonymous tag:modul8.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/10740799 2012-02-11T06:12:15-08:00 2012-02-11T06:12:15-08:00 Make a lightweight codec with support for alpha channels! <p>Anonymous suggested:<br />Since PNG is not supported in Lion (gone from compressor) please make a codec with no compromises, good quality, scratchable, support for alpha channels. Thats the main reason Ive been thinking about using Resolume.</p> Anonymous tag:modul8.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/10580488 2012-01-18T13:27:54-08:00 2012-01-18T13:27:54-08:00 Splines for the paint tool <p>pele2010 suggested:<br />If the Painttool would use Splines we could paint very accurate Masks. And it would be easy after painting them to adapt them to a projected cube. </p> pele2010 tag:modul8.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/10524515 2012-01-09T11:01:28-08:00 2012-01-09T11:01:28-08:00 Module : being able to set x/y , width/height [updated] <p>In the module editor, the &quot;visual&quot; tab, the &quot;attributes&quot; section : I can enter the name, the group, ect ... But no field for x/y or width/height : I ve to move/resize a control to change these values. That&#39;s very annoying, especially for small control as I cannot see the values !</p><p>Lars Böske said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>Yes thats would be a very important feature. I hope M8 could get a better DMX / Artnet integration. <br />I wish one day there would be something like a Modul 8 Media Server Edition. </p></div></p> Lars Böske tag:modul8.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/10524298 2012-01-09T10:28:21-08:00 2012-01-09T10:28:21-08:00 Pixel Mapper <p>Lars Böske suggested:<br />Pixel Mapper is usefull to control lighting Fixtures via Artnet.</p> Lars Böske tag:modul8.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/10423760 2011-12-19T14:15:35-08:00 2011-12-19T14:15:35-08:00 Add tracking Module 2 Modul8 <p>pele2010 suggested:<br />It would be great if there where a tracking Module: With tracking we could ad motion to a text coming from another element. A car could move a text.</p> pele2010 tag:modul8.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/10263605 2011-11-20T10:52:55-08:00 2011-11-20T10:52:55-08:00 Open Recent <p>eyeborg suggested:<br />Be able to open a recent M8 document. Most applications have this in the File menu.</p> eyeborg tag:modul8.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/10260061 2011-11-19T10:59:04-08:00 2011-11-19T10:59:04-08:00 Mask layers <p>Andy T suggested:<br />Alpha masks that can be assigned to a single layer (like in Photoshop), instead of having to mask all of the layer stack.</p> Andy T tag:modul8.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/10224938 2011-11-14T06:21:27-08:00 2011-11-14T06:21:27-08:00 ArtNet Support [updated] <p>Support for ArtNet and full control over dmx. With values on channels.</p><p>Frank Funk said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>would be great</p></div></p> Frank Funk tag:modul8.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/10056383 2011-10-20T14:50:29-07:00 2011-10-20T14:50:29-07:00 Syphon input [updated] <p>We need ability to pipe data into Modul8</p><p>rosendo said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>:)</p></div></p> rosendo tag:modul8.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/10056210 2011-10-20T14:26:49-07:00 2011-10-20T14:26:49-07:00 Support for Syphon (http://syphon.v002.info/) [updated] <p>Birdiedaboy said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>Syphon as input!!</p></div></p> Birdiedaboy tag:modul8.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/10055932 2011-10-20T13:34:26-07:00 2011-10-20T13:34:26-07:00 Syphon input [updated] <p>We need ability to pipe data into Modul8</p><p>Birdiedaboy said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>Yess we need this so much!!</p></div></p> Birdiedaboy tag:modul8.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/9699744 2011-09-03T09:19:53-07:00 2011-09-03T09:19:53-07:00 a Time Line !!! [updated] <p>Add a timeline, like resolume.</p><p>alejo said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>Time line + Marks + KeyFrames + Transition between Sequences. There are a lot of people using modul8 in theater, in corporate events, in museum installations, in presentations.... all of them need Time Line!!!! Not all the users are vj. </p></div></p> alejo tag:modul8.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/9699663 2011-09-03T08:52:08-07:00 2011-09-03T08:52:08-07:00 ArtNet Support <p>alejo suggested:<br />Support for ArtNet and full control over dmx. With values on channels.</p> alejo tag:modul8.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/8797519 2011-07-05T17:48:01-07:00 2011-07-05T17:48:01-07:00 a fullscreen user interface <p>kollektiveWahrnehmung suggested:<br />no seperate windows, just one main window</p> kollektiveWahrnehmung tag:modul8.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/8699437 2011-06-29T23:26:07-07:00 2011-06-29T23:26:07-07:00 Lock Layer Button. [updated] <p>ie &quot;I never want to accidentaly click another clip and replace this one playing&quot;</p><p>Boris Dan said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>Oh lord please, let us lock our layers, it would be fantastic and stressless during some tricky events ! <br />Pleaaaaase.</p></div></p> Boris Dan tag:modul8.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/8699419 2011-06-29T23:23:41-07:00 2011-06-29T23:23:41-07:00 a Time Line !!! [updated] <p>Add a timeline, like resolume.</p><p>Boris Dan said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>+3 Francis Cabrel. <br />Check out Millumin, it's a third apps that could help you to achieve your time-line's needs. I'm waiting for the official release to test it for my Dance Cie. <br />Hope you'll find here what you need. <br /> -.¬ </p></div></p> Boris Dan tag:modul8.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/8377775 2011-06-14T08:46:41-07:00 2011-06-14T08:46:41-07:00 Syphon input <p>bareimage suggested:<br />We need ability to pipe data into Modul8</p> bareimage